Acrostic for SHELL


S  ea in our
H  earts, with
E  mpty shells . . .  still they
L  ast with
L  ove and beauty

The images in this post are free samples from Nautical Illustrations, from The Dover Design Sampler this week.


9 thoughts on “Acrostic for SHELL

    1. Dear Margaret, Thank you. The photos of your home are so lovely, with all your art and collections. Now the gardens again. We are so blessed.

      Love to you and Joe and family, Ellen


  1. Ellen, you’ve probably read often how much I LOVE anything redolent of the sea–this is a lovely, “enviable” shell acrostic! God bless you today, Caddo


    1. Dear Caddo, Thank you. I thought of your love of acrostics as I wrote this – that we discovered we had in common awhile ago. You make every form your own, with your big heart and language arts gifts.

      I don’t usually “write to prompts” but I loved this image of the shells, and wanted to try a poem. Generous of Dover to give away samples.

      And we’re taking good care of our big hearts!

      Love and blessings, Ellen


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