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On tinywords.com, there’s a beautiful photograph by Ray Rasmussen, of a mountain peak in Canada.

The Editors invite readers to post short poems in the Comments, while they put together the next issue.   The title of the post is “Tinywords Invites You To Get Inspired.”  Kathe Palka and Peter Newton are the co-editors.  Submissions to the journal are not open at this time.


I wrote this haiku, flowing from my meditations these days.

of “mountains”
down-sized dreams

For me, this is a place of wellness, and a place where new dreams can grow.  Ellen

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  1. “Down-sized dreams”–is this about acceptance that the larger dreams will not come true? I’m struggling a bit currently, wondering what dreams to hang onto, which to let go.


    1. Hi Caddo, I’ll have to ponder your question a little more. I was a classic over-achiever when young, and earned tenure at a Chicago university when I was 39. The schedule was very full, year-round – plus family needs and teaching Sunday School. So could never climb a mountain like that again, although grateful I could serve in special education.

      I want to pace myself for the long-term, Lord willing. I guess health and family needs required me to redefine “achievement,” and I like this new place very much.

      The life in a small town is much more my soul than the city.

      So much hope offered in all of our blogs. Thank you for asking.

      Blessings, Ellen


      1. Right now my dream, which seems quite impossible without a true miracle, is to move to a small town. I’m in a “sort of suburb” which is quite loud and becoming less safe.


        1. Hi Caddo, Blessings to you. It can be loud here too. Summer is about six weeks here, in terms of the hot weather people love, and all their activities.

          On another note, you have grown a significant collection of poetry, that is beautiful and so original. I hope you can publish a book someday, if that is what you wish. I know I would buy a copy or two. Some fellow bloggers have books on Amazon now. Maybe I’ll try too some day.

          My sense is that many writers find their very best years and work as they grow older. In my case, I feel my gifts moved me forward when young, but I always felt I was and am an old soul. No way around the fact that my best poems are from the hardest years. I cherish those years in some ways, even as I hope to stay well, and keep myself slowed down now.

          Many prayer needs in the family. I may be slowing down here for a time.

          Love and blessings, prayers for quiet and safety always, Ellen


          1. I am lifting you and your family up in prayer, Ellen–trusting that God will meet you all at every point of need, each of life’s intersections. Love and blessings to you–Caddo


  2. ‘Down-sized’ dreams …suited to where we are….a thought provoking image. Letting go of my big dreams was very hard but smaller dreams can in their own way be as rich or even richer and more valuable than the big dreams.


    1. Dear Gallivanta, So wise and true, what you say: “…smaller dreams can in their own way be as rich or even richer and more valuable than the big dreams.”

      Thank you, Ellen


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