WordPress Daily Prompt: The Natural World

The June 30, 2013 prompt, by michelle w., asks us to describe our first experience in nature that is memorable.  She said, “Photographers, artists, and poets: show us NATURE.”  http://www.dailypost.wordpress.com

I don’t remember, but my mother told me when we were little she and Dad took us to Lake Michigan, on the East Side of Milwaukee, to feed the ducks.  All my years, this lake has been a part of me, both here, and when Karl and I lived in Illinois.  When we took my mother to her/our Brandt family reunion in Hillpoint, Wisconsin, in 1993, I understood my deep love of the land.   So the Midwest is where my heart and soul live.

Some of you may remember this poem:

more colors of blue
in Lake Michigan today
than I can name
the wonder of always learning
dreaming new dreams


9 thoughts on “WordPress Daily Prompt: The Natural World

      1. Thank you. I have been trying to imagine what it must be like to live on the shores of such a vast lake. Are you near any of the large sand dunes? Do you see large vessels sailing by?


        1. We live on the beach. I’ve seen some large sand dunes in other areas. I love watching the barges, especially with their lights on at night. We keep low energy lights on for them. I’m not sure exactly what their schedule is. I will see them more again in the fall, when the recreational boating season is past. There are many houses and cottages along this stretch of beach. Thanks, Ellen


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