There Is Poetry

This morning as I sat and watched the sky, I thought of how there always is poetry.  I may not be able to write it down, and there were years when I saw but didn’t write.  But it was there, and when a poem writes itself in a short time, I know the fallow years are bearing fruit.

Yesterday, we saw fields of corn.  I’ve often heard the expression, “Knee high by the Fourth of July.”  The plants are smaller, but how beautifully planted are all the rows.  They are growing.

The autumns can be long and lovely.   May the crops be blessed.

learning more
about native plants
I too thrive best
where I belong

(an older poem)

Blessings, Ellen

19 thoughts on “There Is Poetry

  1. Dear Ellen,
    Such a lovely poem. My fallow years have been long. Perhaps, like the soil, we need them and so the fallow will come and go, and come again, keeping faith with our own seasons.


  2. As you know, I don’t write much poetry, but what I do write seems to “just emerge”. I think that process you talk about is part of it – the lying fallow. Often I’ll get an idea, then lay it aside. It seems almost to build on its own – learning how to encourage that process is part of our task as writers, I suspect.


  3. Lovely, Ellen. Yes, there is always a poem somewhere in the poet. Perhaps a shame if it remains in our heart, our spirit, our thoughts … but still its energy can create some beauty or give meaning or just show what is possible … or all of ‘the above’!


  4. I’m glad there is poetry. 🙂 Also wanted to say that I’m also enjoying your changing banner images. I love the daylilies haiku.


  5. lovely thought beautifully worded, dear Ellen. Poetry is to be found every where.. even when we do not write it down indeed.
    groetjes, Francina


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