Sunday morning, and the beach is quiet

Sunday morning, and the beach is quiet after beautiful fireworks last night.  Events around here try not to compete with one another.  I’m reflecting more about the haiku lesson plans I helped to write with The Haiku Foundation.  This is volunteer work.  My parents also volunteered as teachers, after they retired.

I plan to continue to help with The Haiku Foundation Education Wall.  At the same time, I feel my career is complete now.  Even though I was able to give 20 years to the excellent field of Special Education, in Wisconsin and Illinois, I still left sooner than I might have, if some major life events had been different.  The foundation gave me an opportunity to use these gifts again.  I posted a thank you note in the discussion about the Ed Wall on their troutswirl blog yesterday.  If you have feedback and ideas to share, please feel free to add to the discussion. Or perhaps another post may be of interest, as there is a wide variety of posts and programs now – much more than I can list here!

This link goes to Jim Kacian’s post about this new work:

The foundation’s anthology, Montage, edited by Allan Burns, is the textbook for the plansMy contribution is my knowledge of the effective instruction literature and years in the classroom.

Blogging more than meets my wish to be published now, as much as I value print journals and books.  Anything else from here is simply a gift.  I’ve ordered some new haiku books from Red Moon Press.

As many of you know, The Haiku Foundation is non-profit and all the resources are free.  With the economy, I can imagine many in education being delighted to find out more.

It is amazing to feel a sense of completion where before there was still loss.   Many blessings to you and yours, Ellen

16 thoughts on “Sunday morning, and the beach is quiet

  1. Ellen what a wonderful resource. I have the ed wall open in another tab now, and am getting ready to forward the link to a friend who is the director of one of the non-profits (an art center in this case) where I volunteer. Thank-you for what you’ve done. P.S. I love hearing about the beach/Lake…it transports me over to that area of the state!


    1. Dear Colleen, Thank you so much for your comment, and also for forwarding the link to your friend. Hope to learn more about the art center. What a beautiful state we enjoy!


  2. Ellen, there’s something wonderful about feeling a sense of completion – a kind of a “it’s finished” thing.


  3. It is so good to feel that sense of completion … it opens doors to more of our live’s work … or mission … or just being … however you wish to think about it. So glad to have made acquaintance with your words and visions and spirit here. Blessings. XO


  4. That fact that you were able to find completion from loss is a great hope to me. Thank you. Annie


  5. You’re encouraging and creative, Ellen. I take the “sense of completion” as a confirmation that new opportunities await, and I see that for you. Definitely.


  6. What a blessing to have the satisfaction of doing what you want, for as long as you can.


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