arrived late


arrived late
and leaving early

I love each season, and how each month too, is unique.  Yesterday, I finished raking some of the leaves from last year!  They were becoming soil for new weeds.

The ferns are doing well this year.  This vintage picture is courtesy of  I also liked their image of the moss and lichens.  The paintings were published in an 1858 book, artist(s) unknown.  The book is called Lessons From the Vegetable World.


14 thoughts on “arrived late

    1. Hi Christine, Just found your comment that “flew away” in the spam folder. I approved it so hopefully this won’t happen again. It’s amazing to me everything works as well as it does!


  1. I commented on this but it flew away!

    Lovely pictures!

    At least this year here in the UK we have had some summer! A rarity these days 🙂 we must be thankful for small mercies! 🙂


  2. I have a feeling that summer is going to end early. I also love the uniqueness of each season.


  3. Ellen – in this part of the world, it feels as if summer has just started! Well, other than all the back-to-school sales. I’m sure the kids would disagree with my first sentence.


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