September Seasons

I learned today that September 1 is the first day of spring in New Zealand.  I just read and viewed a lovely post at Gallivanta’s site.

SEASONS FLOW from Ohio USA, by Watching Seasons, is another favorite blog, among many favorites!

Although I don’t have a science mind – or at least that’s what I always thought –  I have been noticing how blogging helps me think in new ways.  For example, how the seasons vary.  I’ve also noticed that I put together posts with different color combinations, for example, than when I began.  Things don’t have to be “perfect.” (not possible anyway!)  I’ve realized that people visit from so many directions and that there is a mystery to appreciate.

So how did I get through some of my research courses in graduate school?  I’d read the same material by different authors.  I worried about the class the first day I received the syllabus and got to work.  In other areas, the work was like play.

Do you have a favorite season?  Somehow each season seems inevitable.  As many of you know, I love watching the light, which now flows into my little study in the afternoons.

I saw some geese flying in formation south yesterday, but I think some may go back and forth for a time.

The photos of the impatiens planter are by Karl a few years ago – often viewed here.

Happy Seasons, Ellen

Impatiens 009

Impatiens 007

11 thoughts on “September Seasons

  1. What a lovely greeting, “Happy Seasons”. Thank you for your delight in my post 🙂 There is definitely mystery to appreciate everywhere. I see we share a love of light. I like knowing where the light rests in your little study, and when. I am curious like that!


    1. Thank you – my study has windows to the south and west. It’s very simple. A chair, a small bookcase refinished by my father, a table lamp, some files. Art on the wall . . . Seems there is always more to see.


  2. Actually, I don’t have a favorite season as much as I have a favorite time – the change from one season to the next. Part of that is the changing light, and part is just the sense of the world “moving”.

    I’m just laughing – I turned my head and discovered I have four pigeons on my porch railing. Every one of the is sitting down, one in the water bowl. I’ve never seen them do that. They’ll come, stand around for a bit and then leave, but these look like they’ve settled in for the duration. Maybe it’s because it’s a holiday and they don’t have to go to work!


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