November . . . with quote by Julia Cameron

November is a month with its own special character.  I went to Target in Kohler yesterday.  They know me at the Starbucks café there now.  I enjoyed a decaff gingerbread latte.  The service is always kind.  I seem to go there once a week, simply to visit my favorite roads and take a break.  I’ve read several of Julia Cameron’s books about writing and art.  I haven’t followed her practice of “Morning Pages” but greatly appreciate all she has to say about being healthy and keeping life in balance.

The soybean fields are now brown.  It rained and the earth seemed to gratefully soak up the water before the winter freeze.  The weather actually can vary a lot here.   January might be mild and then lots of snow in April.

settling in
with the cold short days
Christmas cactus
begins its new year
of flowers

* * *

Here is a quote from the back cover of THE ARTIST’S WAY EVERY DAY: A Year of Creative Living, by Julia Cameron (Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin; 2009 author copyright).

“Creativity is God’s will for us and should be practiced like any other spiritual practice – a day at a time.”

* * *

And this is one of Karl’s photos of our Christmas cactus in another year.  I simply love these flowers!  Blessings, Ellen

Cactus 011

10 thoughts on “November . . . with quote by Julia Cameron

  1. I love this post Ellen. Your Starbucks drink sounds gorgeous!

    I have Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way. I bought it a few years ago and dont actually think I was “ready” for it if that makes sense. But now Ive been reminded of it by your post I will dig it out and read it again. I tried the morning pages but they didnt work for me then; maybe they would now. And the quote is lovely too, very true.

    I love your Christmas cactus too.

    Sending Blessings


  2. It’s so interesting. My red cactus is beginning to set buds, and blog friends in England, South Carolina, Denver and Virginia all are mentioning the same thing. I like the thought of these plants blooming in synch – a floral bond around the world.


  3. Lovely words and Christmas cactus, Ellen. Mine is blooming right now; it was given to me almost 20 yrs ago by my late grandfather (He started it from their plant). I love the quote by Julia Cameron!

    Blessings ~ Wendy


  4. Ellen, this is so beautiful, peaceful, reassuring…just what I needed today.
    The Christmas cactus is lovely, a reminder of the festivities–and usual snow–ahead.
    The “settling in” of your writing reminds me of today, of all I need to do…and all I want to do…and the balance somewhere in between.
    Thank you.


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