gold and blue


I was sitting in my little study yesterday.  The leaves have all fallen from my view, and so I saw a small area of blue sky in the distance, along with evergreen trees.  I suggested to Karl that we go to Arabella’s Family Restaurant in Sheboygan.  I was happy to see that one of my favorite meals there was one of the specials:  Spinach and Feta Quesadillas.  Then we took our time getting back to Oostburg.  There is still fall color along with the serenity of November that I love so much.  A mild day.

gold leaves
gone for another year
how blue this view

I also went to Arabella’s by myself, when we first came here about 20 years ago.  It’s not far from Mead Public Library and grocery stores.  My energy was low following major surgery and an illness.  I planned so carefully, to be able to do routine errands by myself again.  Every day, I am simply so grateful.  It is no small thing to wake up and quietly begin a day.  Blogging with WordPress transformed my creativity – 4 years for this blog in December.

All the family restaurants bless so many people.  Some reduced their hours during the down-turn, and they all have survived beautifully.  No small thing to see the same people for many years either, and to feel a part of the community in my own way.  Some things did not work out, and that’s OK too.  Always a learning curve, and life is always changing.

But there are constants – and how we value them.

Blessings, Ellen

CornucopiaThe cornucopia is from  We made them in class when I was an elementary teacher.

17 thoughts on “gold and blue

  1. Good morning, dear Ellen – what a lovely post and we are having blue skies again today. But change is coming – the cold air will arrive Tuesday with the possiblity of seeing a few snowflakes. Ahh the season is upon us. Enjoy your day – I hope it is filled with comfort and contentment – love, K


  2. “It is no small thing to wake up and quietly begin a day.” That’s so true for any of us, no matter of circumstances. I’m reminding myself more often – this will come to an end, this life. Make each day count.

    I hope your day is wonderful, and filled with such simple blessings.


    1. Dear Linda, Thank you. I also loved what you said in your comment for the previous post, about the red cactus being a “floral bond,” with so many blooming in so many places. Blessings, Ellen


  3. Thanks for the daily blessings you share with us Ellen, they are so very meaningful. I have passed on to you an award I received, it is the 2013 Blog of The Year Award. You are so deserving so I wanted to share it with you and a few others. I posted it last night on my blog! Congratulations and God bless you and your hubby!


    1. Dear Wendell, Thank you for your kind words always. I’m so grateful my posts are a blessing. Sometimes I wonder what more I have to say, and then I am blessed with more words, trusting one post at a time. So grateful for our community.

      I decided not to accept awards awhile ago, feeling I cannot meet all the requirements. Always so grateful for everyone’s kind thoughts. I passed along your greetings to Karl, and blessings back to you and yours!

      Thanks again, Ellen


    1. Dear Gallivanta, I have never actually made a cornucopia either. This was an art project with children who had special gifts and special needs. It was good because we spoke of Thanksgiving, and there were several steps to the work. Coloring, cut and paste, etc. Sometimes we listened to music as we created together. Blessings, Ellen


    1. Dear purpleborough, Thank you so much for your kind thoughts. I have my blog set up to close comments after 14 days for each post. The current “re-blog” for my dad’s poem on Nov. 11 this year has comments open. Sometimes I like to share poems from the archives. Blessings, Ellen


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