January 5

I’ve been sitting quietly and looking at the lighthouse down the beach that continues to shine in all seasons. *  So very cold here.  I’ve not been out of the house in days, as I am recovering from the respiratory flu that is going around.  No worries – am fine – but had not been that ill in some time.

We’ve had winters this severe before, and Karl and others who have helped us with our home have made the house so warm.  Every day I am grateful that we have power and water and shelter.  It’s also been a blessing to visit your blogs here and there – always and when not writing myself these past days.

January 5 – my father’s birthday.  Harold A. Borgh, Ph.D lived on earth from 1915 – 1983.  He was a history teacher and I often watch panels on C-Span channels.  I enjoy listening to historians.  There is always a learning curve in life.  If I think I have learned something, the lesson will come around again!

One of my favorite poems for Dad, whose parents came here from Sweden:

love for you
became her care
until she joined you there
grief gives way to fields and wind
and now I hear your voice again

(published in Bell’s Letters Poet)

Take care, Ellen

* Update (with smiles): after all these years I am learning that what I’ve been seeing is not a conventional lighthouse, but rather smokestacks from a power plant with aircraft warning lights.  Also, sometimes we can see lights on TV Transmission Towers in Milwaukee  – I don’t understand all the science yet – am jotting this note with Karl.

As a poet, though, these are still lights in the night.  Karl is an engineer as you know, so we are doing research on lighthouses in other parts of Wisconsin.

12 thoughts on “January 5

  1. I love your image of the lighthouse down the beach. I can kind of see it. Such a wonderful sense of homeliness in your post, Ellen, and hope you get well soon.


  2. I have been concerned about you, dear Ellen, with this terrible weather and now to hear you have had the flu! happy that you are recuperating well and feeling better. The winter storm arrived here over night with the north wind bringing a bit of your weather to my Ozarks home. We have a few inches of snow already and it is coming down steadily. But we are snug and warm and I will put a pot of soup on the stove for dinner tonight.
    Sending a bouquet of warm thoughts and spring tulips to you this morning, K


  3. Happy Birthday to the continuing memory of your father, Ellen. The poem is lovely.
    Stay in, stay warm, read and write. Colorado has just come through bitter temperatures and 8″ of snow, but tomorrow is a predicted turnaround. Ah, it will feel so good to walk in sunshine again!


  4. That must be some view, to see a lighthouse anytime you look out. I love lighthouses. Glad to hear you are feeling better. I finally feel like I’m getting over this bout with the common cold. It was 61 today, a pleasure to go out to feed the birds without a coat. TLate tomorrow we’ll be getting our second round of bitterly cold weather.


  5. Thank you for sharing of yourself with us and that beautiful poem for your Dad. Praying for continued recovery from the flu and gifts of His presence and joy. God bless!


  6. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been ill – but good that you’re on the mend. We’ve had a reminder of what it truly is like for you folks – only 29 degrees here this morning. That’s “nothing” in some ways, but of course here on the Gulf Coast many don’t have double-pane windows, pipes are exposed, and so on and so forth. The tropical plants are shivering, for sure – those that haven’t been moved indoors.

    I envy your real lighthouse. I have a lighthouse I can see from my place, too, even though its only purpose is to mark a lake channel entrance. I don’t think it’s even on the Coast Guard’s light list. But it’s pretty, and probably does help certain boaters get home late on Saturday nights. 😉


  7. I’m so sorry to hear you have been ill! I hope you continue to improve. This winter has been very harsh so far. Stay warm and safe.


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