more music – and birds

Thanks for all your comments yesterday – so much in common.

Years ago, Karl and I discovered Windham Hill Records.  William Ackerman is the founder, as I’m sure many of you know.  His guitar compositions are also favorites.

I also love Liz Story’s piano compositions.

When Karl and I lived in Illinois, we attended the Ravinia Festival in the summers.  I remember a Windham Hill concert.

It is wonderful the way the internet helps artists and others reach people directly.  It seems to be a new learning curve all the time.  This morning, I read an interesting post by Watching Seasons in Ohio: “A Gull Far From Home.”  Tracy mentioned how blogs help bird watchers share about rare bird sightings.

This week, Karl called my attention to all the sparrows in beach grasses by Lake Michigan.  It was amazing to see these little birds in the arctic cold weather we’ve had.

It takes courage, doesn’t it, to create and develop our own visions.

Hope you have a lovely Sunday.  Ellen

7 thoughts on “more music – and birds

  1. ‘It takes courage, doesn’t it, to create and develop our own visions.’

    Yes, it does, Ellen; and, as you point out, so important to encourage each others.
    Blessings for your week and the entire year ahead! XO


  2. My husband and I used to go to concerts at Ravinia when we lived in Illinois. What a lovely place. Thank you for the memory, Ellen. 🙂


  3. Years ago when I attended DePaul Uni in Chicago, I also loved the Ravinia Concerts. Your post brought back a flood of memories. It’s good to be back with you again online, Ellen. Happy 2014!


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