Short poems from the January Archives


a new sunrise
by God’s grace
many second chances
in this long lovely
life of faith

well below freezing
ice floats in the water
still the light is changing
robins and red-wings
will return on time

gardens in winter
the serene snowfall
and remembering
where snowdrops
will bloom

The tulip symbol is courtesy of WPClipart.  Here’s a photo by Karl of the snowdrops another year.  They were planted by a previous owner.  So tiny and also the first to bloom each year.

Snowdrops 005

23 thoughts on “Short poems from the January Archives

  1. The snowdrops remind me again of how much I miss “northern flowers”. Daffodils, tulips, hyacinth… We have our own beauties, but those speak of “home”.


  2. Dear Ellen, remembering where snowdrops will bloom, is so lovely, I just looked out the window to the place, covered with snow, where the tulips will bloom in the spring 🙂 Annie


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  4. I keep looking for ‘my’ snowdrops, Ellen, to suddenly peek through the snow. I think it is still too cold – another blast of very very frigid air coming our way this week. But your poetic reflections certainly warmed my heart! XO


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