For The Roses – Joni Mitchell


I was looking at nature photos at  When I saw this photo of “trailing arbutus,” I thought of Joni Mitchell’s early album, FOR THE ROSES.  This is a quote from the end of a song by the same name.  Her lyrics are available at her official website.

It was just the arbutus rustling
And the bumping of the logs
And the moon swept down black water
Like an empty spotlight

For The Roses, by Joni Mitchell

13 thoughts on “For The Roses – Joni Mitchell

  1. I had no idea Joni Mitchell did paintings, too. I’ll have to explore. The art and the roses here are lovely, but I confess that photo in the header is my favorite. Obviously, I’m one of those who hasn’t experienced weeks of winter and still can be a touch romantic about snow.


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