new poem and a few notes

reading a new book
of poems by Luci Shaw
with a cup of decaff
on my little table
I find myself
saying grace again

* * *
SCAPE poems
Cascade Books * Eugene, Oregon

Foreward By Eugene Peterson

* * *

Also, thank you to Gallivanta for including this blog in her new post, “Haiku – Do you hear what I hear?”

* * *

There is so much wonderful interest in haiku.  I like how The Haiku Foundation (THF) speaks of Traditional, Contemporary, and Innovative haiku.  I mentioned on Sunday that each month there is a different editor and theme for the Per Diem daily haiku at THF.  The Per Diem poems are by many poets.

Mann Library’s Daily Haiku, edited by Tom Clausen, features one poet per month.  There is an extensive archive there, as Tom has been working on this for many years. It’s interesting to read from the different approaches to presenting daily haiku, which seem to complement each other well.

I think one of the best ways to learn to write poetry is to read poetry.  The lesson plans I helped create for The Haiku Foundation Education Wall offer Awareness and Reading plans before Writing plans.  There’s a gentle progression of skills.

I am aware of so many opportunities online to practice and share haiku and other forms of poetry – prose too.  While I cannot add more to my schedule, please feel free to share in the comments, as always.

Blessings, Ellen

* UPDATE, February 5, 2014:  Jim Kacian is the founder and director of THF.  He is also the editor for the Ed Wall.  Since we published the Ed Wall last summer, Jim began a new section called “Lessons For All Ages.”  Other people have added their work.  So we are growing!

6 thoughts on “new poem and a few notes

  1. We’re snowed in today, and I spent a delightful hour at the Haiku Foundation’s link.
    Your post–and Gallivanta’s–make me smile at the lovely words you ladies create. Thank you both.


    1. Dear Marylin, Thank you. That’s wonderful to know. It must be very beautiful there, and Spring will be so welcome.

      Always look forward to your posts. Your mother is so special. As I read about how she handled different situations, I so admire her wisdom and love. There must be deeper mysteries of the soul and spirit, when the mind can’t know anymore. Sometimes I write short comments because I can’t find the words.


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