April – National Poetry Month 2014

It’s wonderful to read about the many ways people are celebrating poetry.  As many of you know, I serve as a volunteer at The Haiku Foundation (THF).  The Education Wall I helped begin last year has grown, and others have added more work.  Jim Kacian, the founder and director of THF, is the Editor for the Ed Wall.  This link goes to his initial introduction of the work (June 28, 2013).  The foundation is non-profit.  This work continues and is a great resource for teachers.


Don Wentworth is the Editor for the April 2014 Per Diem collection at THF.  The theme is “Transcendence.”

Also, John Stevenson is leading their first Renku Session.  I hope to spend some time learning about renku in the next weeks and months.

National Haiku Poetry Day is April 17.

Here’s the link for their home page, if you wish more information about these various programs and features.  http://thehaikufoundation.org

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Yesterday, I received MAYFLY (Winter 2004, Issue 56).  The Editors are Randy & Shirley Brooks, from Decatur, Illinois.  The cover is a haiga painting by Lidia Rozmus.  This is an elegant publication, with one haiku per page.  http://www.brooksbookshaiku.com

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For readers searching for short poems for bulletin boards, here’s the link to my small site, Poems For Bulletin Boards.  You are welcome to reprint/reblog any of my poems with proper credit.


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National Poetry Month was founded by The Academy of American Poets (1996).  http://www.poets.org

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To be continued, and hope you are enjoying poetry – I look forward to your comments and posts.

Blessings, Ellen

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  1. There is so much information on THF website! It is wonderful! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and all the other links as well.


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