April Rain And Poetry

Today seems like a good day to finish my submission of poems for the Haiku Society of America 2014 Members’ Anthology.  Gary Hotham is the Editor.  This link goes to the page about the anthology at their website:


* * *

I’m also reading Spilled Milk: Haiku Destinies by Gary Hotham.  This beautiful book was published by Pinyon Publishing in 2010.  The book includes Sumi-E Watercolors by Susan E. Elliott.


As you know, Luci Shaw is a favorite poet, and I learned of Pinyon Publishing in Colorado, when I ordered her book Harvesting Fog: Poems by Luci Shaw (2010).


* * *

The leaves of perennials are beginning to grow through last year’s fallen leaves.

Blessings, Ellen

8 thoughts on “April Rain And Poetry

  1. The leaves of our perennials are peeking through last year’s fallen leaves, too, Ellen.
    We don’t have rain predicted for several more days, and even though we need the rain no one is complaining about the sunshine and bright blue skies. I’ve already taken two walks today. I think my body needed the vitamin D!


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