still light changes

The Daily Post prompt today is Set For Solstice.

Summer begins
sky and water
same gentle

still light

months go by

I track the light
in the house
and yard

grateful to be
alive and trying
to see a little
more beauty

with poetry
each day

and hope
as the seasons change
in different ways . . .

9 thoughts on “still light changes

  1. I love the ambiguity of “still light”. I read “still” first as “nevertheless,” but of course it also could be an echo of “still water.” Interesting — I wonder what still light looks like?


  2. Ellen, this poem has such a sense of gentle unfolding about it – just like the slow changing of the seasons. I love the bleeding hearts in your banner photo. I remember them growing in my grandmother’sgarden back in Minnesota.


  3. I love to watch the shifting light and shadows as they change with the hours, the days, the months, the season. Beautiful poetic expression of such observation, Ellen! XO


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