summer sounds

I sit across a room from an open window.  Because of the winter we had, I ponder the miracle of open windows.  Birdsongs.  Communication.  The sound of a few cars on the gravel road.  It is early and other sounds will arise throughout the day and then be heard another time or place.

And I don’t want to take anything for granted.

A favorite haiku from 2012:

of summers gone by
voices on the breeze

Gratitude journal:

432.  Daylilies

433.  The new poem I posted here yesterday.

434.  Morning

435.  beans & rice (cooked this morning)

436.  open windows

437.  birdsongs

438.  rest

Update, late afternoon:  I found another old notebook of blessings and had recorded more before; so revised the numbers.

As long as I have some of my notebooks here, I’ll add a few more details.  I began my gratitude journals on December 16, 2012.  My first blessing was “raindrops on the bare branches of the birch tree.”  Blessing number 10 referred to Ann Voskamp and the inspiration from her books, for this project.

To be continued in future posts – maybe some poems to write as I reread.

Blessings, Ellen

12 thoughts on “summer sounds

  1. We are amazed at the cool July weather this year and the luxury of open windows when we are usually closed up under the AC. Sounds carry so across the water – we can hear voices from the other side of the cove, so many birds and even the splashing of fish. Ellen, my gratitude list includes your beautiful words – thanks and have a lovely rest of the week – K


  2. I am so enjoying open windows in our new location which is such a simple pleasure. The thing is, at the home we just moved from, we lived on a dirt road. We could not keep the windows open as the dust was out of control.


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