the way the light

Goldenrod 007

the way the light
begins to fall
in the kitchen
also tells me
it is August

* * *

My gratitude journal is overflowing, and I’ve almost reached 500 blessings on my way to One Thousand Gifts.  I buy notebooks made from recycled paper, and there are not that many blessings per page, as I am keeping the current notebook nearby and often noting those everyday-wonderful-things, without putting my glasses on to write.

I can see how blessings become poems and poems become blessings.

* * *

461.  Fishermen returning to shore

462.  Morning quiet (very early)

463.  raindrop glistens on a single birch leaf

464.  Psalm 119 The house of my pilgrimage

465.  corn

* * *

476.  many new poems lately – and good feedback from WP community

477.  August beauty

478.  beans & rice & salsa

479.  cherries & blueberries

480.  light through  blinds – sunrise

* * *

Photo of the goldenrod is by Karl.  It will bloom again soon.

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    1. Hi Marylin, Hope you enjoy the process. This sort of flowed naturally from Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts.

      Now that you mention “the list technique” I remember lessons too.

      Thank you


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