so many years
flow through my mind
today rain refreshes
and the air is autumn

* * *

Luci Shaw writes about how beauty, nature and faith sustain our souls.  I’m rereading her recent books, and I often reread a poem or two aloud in an older book.  Timeless.

There is a generous selection of Luci’s Poetry at her official site.

* * *

7 thoughts on “sometimes

  1. Ellen, this is amazing! On Sunday I was taking my mom for a walk (she, in the wheelchair) but we had to hurry under the porch awning because it started to rain. Mom smiled, closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “It smells like the leaves have turned red and gold,” she said. “Are we at the farm?”

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  2. Ellen I wanted to thank you for the visit to my blog. I also want to thank you for this post. I am reading this at 3 in the morning after a difficult day yesterday and your words give me comfort. The air was feeling like Autumn in my part of Missouri yesterday and I was thankful.. it is my favorite time of year. I will be following you and reading.


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