tiny changes


tiny changes
towards Fall
morning sky
the color of
robin eggs

* * *

Inspired by and in honor of the many ways we experience the seasons.

The picture is courtesy of Karen’s Whimsy.

17 thoughts on “tiny changes

  1. Just yesterday I saw a flock of tiny birds (sparrows of some sort? perhaps) that clearly were involved in migration. Whether they’d just arrived or were going farther south I can’t say, but it was a sign of the season getting ready to turn, despite the terrible heat and humidity. It’s the light that tells the tale.


  2. I took my walk at 7:15 this morning. The breeze hinted of autumn just around the corner, and the sky was, indeed, the color of robin eggs. The sunrise yesterday was a red sky at morning, which supposedly means sailor take warning. But in Colorado it was a beautiful blaze over the red rocks in Garden of the Gods.


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