books and music


books and music
from over the years
live on these shelves

even if I don’t
reread or listen again

somehow their
healing influence
is in these words

* * *

older now
and when I shop
and when those who
help me are so kind
I am truly blessed

* * *

Images are courtesy of The Dover Design Sampler, from Dover Publications.

They are from William Morris Full-Color Patterns and Designs.  The first picture is called “Daisy Design” and the second is “Anemone Design.”

17 thoughts on “books and music

  1. When I looked at that first illustration, I thought, “Williiam Morris? No…. not quite. But, maybe.” And now I see that it is his work. It’s quite different from most I’ve seen. Both are lovely.

    I smiled at your last poem. I’m beginning to be called “ma’am” in the grocery stores now. Such a shock!


  2. The books and music live on the shelves, Ellen, and in your heart and mind.
    Your opening words transported me to the book cases in the study, where I sat cross-legged, reading titles and looking for the 3rd book in the series of TRIXIE BELDEN mysteries, my favorite when I was nine.


  3. That is SO TRUE! I often think of the very same thing—and you put it so succinctly!

    Margaret L. Been

    God’s Word is True — upholding Scripture in an age of apostasy — Grace with Salt — devotional Insights from Scripture — Riches in Glory — mining treasures in illness and pain — The Messy Palette — growing through art — Northern Reflections — reflections on everyday life —


  4. This poem is very encouraging. I’ve read every book in my library at least once and it is good to know that just their presence has a place in my life! Jane


  5. Books and music (and cats and birds and trees and flowers and …) … I wouldn’t want to live without them. Beautiful poem and reflection! And I love William Morris designs.


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