The Weather

The weather changed towards fall faster this year.  We imagine the effects of the polar vortex are continuing.  I am not a “science person,” and sometimes I ask for Karl’s help when responding to questions in comments!  That is good.  Keeps me learning.

There may well be some warmer days ahead.  Always beautiful.

early fall
one seagull
on the piling
in higher waters
of Lake Michigan

9 thoughts on “The Weather

  1. “Polar Vortex” has become a catch phrase for a lot of meteorologists. Somewhere, I read an excellent article about the difference between a “polar vortex” and a simple dip in the jet stream. I’ll try and find it.

    Whatever it’s called, I wish it would show up here. It’s still hot and humid, with heat indices around 105. Enough, already!

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  2. It’s good that we are recording weather events in our blogs. It does seem as if there are more and more accounts of seemingly unusual and extreme weather events these days.

    Here in southern England we are enjoying something of an Indian Summer. The exceptionally wet Spring followed by a very fine, warm and dry Summer has produced a bounty of fruit. It seems to me that weather records for wet, heat, and dryness are being broken all the time. Interesting days ……..

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