Autumn Grace


I reprint this poem every year, it seems.  A gift.  “Autumn Grace” was published in Bell’s Letters Poet, WestWard Quarterly, and SMILE.  The picture is another drawing by Kate Greenaway, from the Public Domain section at Karen’s Whimsy.


leaves of bleeding hearts
now gold
so do broken hearts mend
so does grief heal
Autumn grace

15 thoughts on “Autumn Grace

      1. Blessings to you too! I just realized I called you Grace and you are Ellen. I think it was because , reading your words ,I felt filled with grace! Thank you again.


    1. It is a healing poem – I had lived it for years, in different ways, and then it was given to share in many ways. Sometimes it seems that poetry now is about waiting and creating the space for the poems – at least some of the time.


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