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Karl and I went for a drive yesterday.  The landscape looks more like November, with muted colors, many leaves on the ground, and bare trees already.

Always lovely.  Always a gift to see the seasons as they are, and as they change.

The photos by Karl of the cotoneaster hedge are from our yard a few years ago.  I like how the first one shows part of the birch tree that I write about so often.  The photo of the flowers shows one of the cloths from my family on the little table.  I think this one may have been from my great-Aunt Marie.  She also worked in special education.  As I was reflecting with Karl yesterday, my path as a teacher for many years seemed my destiny.  I will always be grateful that I could give 20 years to special education.  All of the children had special gifts.   I worked with many good people, and am still in touch; grateful for friendships.  Seasons of life too.  I played school when I was a child.

How are the seasons where you are?

Hope you have a beautiful week, Ellen

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  1. The air conditioner is back on! We had a couple of lovely, cool days, but now we’ve got our south wind back, and the Gulf moisture is building again. No matter. Time will bring us our taste of autumn, too.

    Does the cloth on the table have a printed design, or is that handwork? I’ve seen some amazing embroidery work on such pieces — designs that would test my patience.

    The bronze mums are so pretty.


  2. I love the first image – which I first noticed on your new gravatar. It is so soft and prettily-coloured and – to me – looks like a gentle whirl of Autumn leaves. Really lovely.

    Autumn seemed to arrive yesterday for us weather-wise. We enjoyed a lovely warm and bright Indian Summer during September and the first few days of October until a low-pressure system moved across the UK yesterday. Temps have dipped by around 10 degrees F accompanied by rain. After the driest September since 1910 we are now being warned about floods.

    Native trees are still pretty much green but the maples have turned beautiful shades of red and yellow. There is a LOT of fruit!


  3. It’s hard to describe the seasons in my neighborhood–they seem to change so quickly. Whether in spring or fall, the colorful flowering trees, or leaves, are easily lost in a rain and wind storm. So I’ve learned to be mindful, keep my eyes open and appreciate the brief days of beauty.


      1. Continuing to think about my phrase “brief days of beauty”–I’m totally with you, Ellen, about the beauty, serenity in November skies, and oh the holiday lights, my fave!! It makes me relate personally, in that I no longer have the physical beauty of my youth–however, God is replacing it with the inner beauty I had no conception of, back then.


  4. Dear Ellen, I like the autumn pictures, bouquet and the lovely blue in your tablecloth. My daughter and I enjoy using the tablecloths that have been given to us.

    Our weather is mild and overcast this week with sunny breaks that seem ignite the red leaves in our garden. Fall is a feast of colors in our small town.

    Blessings on your week ~ Wendy ❀


  5. Colorado is currently enjoying golden Aspen days of warm sunshine and bright blue skies, Ellen, and nights hovering near the freezing point. Soon the changing leaves will fall to the ground, and it won’t surprise any of us if we have a snowy Halloween.


  6. Lovely to see the autumn colours. The teaching you did was nominally for 20 years but in reality it has influenced more years than 20 and so many lives.


      1. PS Some of those years were my education – which included practice teaching in four areas and work as an instructor and on a research grant, when in graduate school.

        I also was a cook and waitress at Pizza Hut in Madison, Wisconsin. Always felt that taught me so much about how to manage a schedule and work as a team.

        Thanks again – and now I so appreciate being home!!


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