Wednesday note

What Blooms in the Desert, an art print by Wendy Brightbill, now hangs in my little study.  I love the colors and heart in her art.  The print is the first of many paintings in her recent post from her site, A Girl And Her Brush.

* * *

Yesterday, the new FROGPOND, The Journal Of The Haiku Society of America, arrived, with another beautiful cover by Christopher Patchel.  Francine Banwarth is Editor, and Michele Root-Bernstein is Associate Editor.

The home page for The Haiku Society of America links to information about the journal and many other resources.  I receive this print journal as a member.

Charlotte Digregorio is the coordinator for our Midwest Region.

* * *

I’m letting the manuscript for Quiet Christmas Poetry rest for a few days.  Little details are occurring to me, as Karl and I translate from the blog to a print book.  We are donating the proceeds to Time Of Singing, which is now published by Wind & Water Press. I’ve learned to try and plan time as a project nears completion – it is easy to want to finish and not see the little things that make a difference.

* * *

Many blessings, Ellen

7 thoughts on “Wednesday note

    1. Thank you, so kind of you. May God bless you this season and always. Karl has the technical skills for this work, and he knows the printer. Quiet Christmas Poetry will stay as a free online version of the book. Perhaps the book and blog will help an older person who may wish to learn about blogs – and the wonderful art and friendships we all enjoy. The book includes a link for this site too.

      Thanks again.

      I know you love acrostics. I began a special blog for these poems – which may be the next print book in a year or two. Lord willing. I keep these smaller sites very simple, with no comments – time management.


      1. Ohh, wonderful–acrostics! And what a gift that Karl is your technical partner–God is good! I love the idea that you might encourage older folks to try blogging–it really does open up the world in fascinating ways. My life would still be pretty small without it.


  1. I love it Ellen! Just had to go visit her site. She is quite a spirit. I love all her work, but also her moxie. She surely has had a tuff time of it. God love her. Happy Thanksigiving dear Ellen. We have so much to be thankful for.


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