tree branches

tree branches
and grey-white sky
a bowl of soup
and giving thanks

list of things to do
but not this moment

Blessings, Ellen

15 thoughts on “tree branches

  1. I, too, have tree branches (albeit with leaves), a gray-white sky, and a bowl of soup on this Saturday. I have a list of things to do, too. But I’d rather be here, reading your blog, and giving thanks for you.


          1. Rain is good! We’ve had it on alternate days–hah! And the forecast last night was for the pattern to continue–however the skiers will be jazzed: the mountain passes are getting plenty of snow. I’m praying ardently that we’ll have a mild winter–no ice–since I have to walk a small hill for groceries.


  2. Oh, I love this wonderful combination, Ellen: tree branches, hot soup, giving thanks, and enjoying the moment by setting aside the things to do. That’s putting things in perspective.


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