A Reflective Time to Rid Yourselves of Holiday Blues: Write Haiku

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Adobe Photoshop PDFThose of you who have read my other posts on haiku know that it is meditative. While many are busy shopping and partying this time of year, take a few minutes out of each day until year’s end to reflect on where you have been in your life during the year and where you are going. Haiku is the perfect way to be meditative.

A few years ago, right before Christmas, I was anticipating the new year while running errands. This haiku resulted, and I reprint it from the appendix of my new book, Haiku and Senryu: A Simple Guide for All:

car wash tunnel . . .

making resolutions

for the new year

And on new year’s eve, a few years ago, I wrote:

new year’s eve . . .

emptying the last

of the garbage

As for the haiku above (actually, a senryu, that is, a human nature…

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