Acrostic for READING

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This is the most viewed post on this site, for 2014.  This acrostic goes back to 2010.

R  est
E  ducate
A  dmire
D  ream
I  nspire
N  ew
G  oals

* **

From this blog, I began Poems For Bulletin Boards and My Acrostic Poems.

* * *

When I review my archives and reread comments, I also note how long some of us have been reading/viewing one another’s blogs.  And there is always room for one more!  This is a generous community.

Learning about the poems that are read often is good feedback for other projects; for example, the large print chapbook from Quiet Christmas Poetry.

Next year I hope to make some art prints from the blogs, with Karl’s photos and my poems.  We’ll see.

Then there are the wonderful mysteries.  All the ways our posts bless others that we cannot really know.  I know I am blessed.

Thanks, Ellen

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6 thoughts on “Acrostic for READING

  1. The statistics are interesting, aren’t they? My most-read post has been consistent for five years now. Perhaps I should re-post it some day, for everyone who missed it so long ago.

    Your acrostic’s quite wonderful. I may print it out and post it on the refrigerator, to remind myself to read more and eat less in the New Year!


  2. I’m glad you reminded me that we really don’t know how many–or in what ways–we do bless others through our writing/blogs. I’ve learned a great deal here, and been blessed–thank you.


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