Carol Purington – Woodslawn Farm

Carol Purington has a nice collection of poems for March 2015 on the home page of her family site, Woodslawn Farm.  Her poetry page there has information about her many excellent books.  She writes beautiful haiku and tanka.

With Carol’s permission, I reprinted some of her haiku from Family Farm here in March 2010.  This sequence of her poems is for Holy Week and Easter.

3 thoughts on “Carol Purington – Woodslawn Farm

  1. I needed a very specific illustration for my new post, and guess where my search led me? To the Haiku Foundation! I linked back to the Foundation as well as to the author and his illustrator wife in a couple of places, so maybe a few more people will be introduced to their work.


    1. Hi Linda, I’ll look forward to reading your new post.

      There is a contact form at The Haiku Foundation, if you wish to let them know.

      Allan Burns and Carol Purington both have pages on the foundation’s Haiku Registry, which is edited by Billie Wilson.

      Also, I bought distant virga haiku by Allan Burns from Red Moon Press.

      Montage is an excellent haiku anthology, edited by Allan Burns. I have a print copy, as a gift for a donation to The Haiku Foundation. It is also online at the foundation. Montage was the textbook for the haiku lessons I wrote with Jim Kacian, and others at THF. Jim also owns Red Moon Press.

      Small world!

      Thanks, Ellen


      1. Yes, I used the contact form. My thought was that they might not see the link-back.
        I saw Allan’s page, too, and spent some time exploring the site. It really is wonderful!


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