they begin


they begin
to turn yellow
in this day’s sun
and will bloom soon
daffodils from the store

* * *

The “free printable border,” A Row of Daffodils, is courtesy of Karen’s Whimsy.

4 thoughts on “they begin

  1. My favourite flower, Ellen. I know England is full of them at this time. When I visited the Lake District in England I had the joy of seeing clumps of Daffodils all over the place. I could see why William Wordsworth, who lived in the area, wrote such a wonderful poem about them.


    1. Hi Don, Thank you. My mother quoted William Wordsworth. I believe I know the poem you mention, and found it on “The Daffodils” – “I wandered lonely as a cloud . . . ”

      And your comment reminds me of one of his poems that Mom quoted often, but that I had not thought of for some time. A verse by Wordsworth that ends with: “In years that bring the philosophic mind.” From his poem, “Ode on Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood.” Also on

      Thank you again, Ellen

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  2. I bought a bunch of 10 daffodils at the store yesterday, Ellen, They were tightly closed, and the joy began this morning when I awoke to all of them opening as they stood together in my mother’s old blue vase. I smile every time I walk by the table.


    1. Dear Marylin, Thank you, and your mother’s “old blue vase.” Our daffodils are in a favorite blue vase I bought years ago. Yellow and blue, so lovely. Blessings to you and your mother and family, Ellen


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