Some notes

Tuesday morning, and I am reading the new Time Of Singing.  I just read a good poem by Betty Spence.

The Lyric also arrived.  This magazine was founded in 1921 and publishes traditional poetry.

I have a beautiful art print by Colleen Briggs in my little study.  Yesterday I enjoyed viewing her post about her mixed-media work, and many of you will understand the technical discussion far better than me.

Down the road, I may try some photography and painting.  For now, words keep me busy.

I’ve been updating Easter And Spring Poetry, though decided to wait awhile before deciding on a sequence of poems, Bible verses, and Karl’s photos for a new chapbook.  After we completed Quiet Christmas Poetry, I did not second-guess the work at all.  I had done my best and given things plenty of time.

Thanks and blessings, Ellen

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