Saturday art notes

I continue to enjoy Art Discarded An online gallery of art that has been tossed to the wayside. 

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Awhile ago, I bought some crayons.  I made several designs, and then life got busy in other ways again.  That’s OK.  I came across a picture my mother had saved of my work, from elementary school.  My pictures “now and then” were similar!

Here is a Bird Coloring Image from Reusable Art – Breathing New Life Into Old Art.

There is also a selection of Vintage Coloring Pages at Free Vintage Art.

birds-29Hope you have a good weekend!  Ellen

8 thoughts on “Saturday art notes

    1. Hi Margie, This was from memory. I’m sure I saved what my mother saved, but I haven’t saved all of my own work.

      I liked making designs where you simply draw, making circles etc. Perhaps with a black crayon. And then I’d fill in the spaces with different colors. Just different shapes. I hope to learn to use Karl’s scanner and how to transfer photos from the camera to the computer. Begin again with some simple kinds of art I used to love.

      Thanks for your comment! I like your idea and maybe for another post someday!



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