Sunday blessings


Christine Mason Miller self-published Ordinary Sparkling Moments: Reflections on Success and Contentment, in 2008. She promoted her book in many creative ways over time.

North Light Books is publishing a second and revised edition Fall 2015. There is more information on Christine’s books page.  Her work includes her writing, collage art, and her photography.  She is also a teacher.  I read her blog for a time before beginning this blog in December 2009.  If you have a moment to visit her books page, and are interested, you’ll see one of her cards that says “Nothing Fails.”  I have the card on a shelf now, and also when I began this blog.

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My reblog yesterday from Art Discarded is the kind of painting that speaks to me, in terms of what I would like to color or paint; and reminds me of the pictures I created in the past.  I began again this week!

I’ll conclude this post with a lovely Southern Red Trillium from wpclipart.

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Blessings, Ellen


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