signs of growth


Daylilies, May 2012

one minute a feeling of accomplishment
and then a feeling of being in first grade again

or perhaps a little older

beginning again at the same place
where something needed to be set aside

for a time

Looking back, I took a few photos for the blog a few years ago as well.  This past Monday, I had returned home from a dentist appointment, and I should be fine until the next check-up in six months.  The rain had made the air so fresh, and the garden was so lovely.

Simple joys and gratitude.  The gardens mostly take care of themselves now. 

This is a favorite poem from my archives:

reading . . . rereading
poetry in many forms
all the perennials

Snow-on-the-mountain, May 2012

Poems and photos by Ellen Grace Olinger

6 thoughts on “signs of growth

  1. I feel like a first-grader most of the time, Ellen. In fact, I’ve got a header photo and a title sitting in my files, waiting for a post.

    We have our Snow on the Mountain, too. At first glance, yours seems quite different, but a closer look shows the resemblance: the “snow” on the leaves.

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  2. Oh, Ellen, it feels as if you peeked into my week and then wrote this. This describes my current first-grade confusions and start-overs perfectly.
    Well done! Thank you.


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