“Look at the birds”


Look at the birds of the air . .  .
from Matthew 6: 26 (NKJV)

Look at the birds of the air
the seagulls flying
and see the grass
is now green

Watch sun fade
the placemats and
patchwork pillow

Look not at the dust
or the work to be done
not for this short time
no, look at the birds

(this morning)

Some of my seagull poems from my archives:

reading one poem
not many –
seagulls in blue sky

* * *

afternoon rain
seagulls on pilings
wait to fly again

* * *

afternoon light
blue-grey skies
and water

give them a stage
to shine


“Seagulls abstract” picture is courtesy of wpclipart.

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  1. Aside from wanting to tell you how much I love your writing; I also thought it polite to drop by here, and tell you, I placed a link to your lovely blog on a post I just published. 🙂


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