Tuesday notes


Yesterday, I completed my submission for the 2015 Haiku Society of America Members’ Anthology.  Catherine J.S. Lee is the Editor.  It’s interesting how sometimes we think about something for several weeks, and then the work almost writes itself.  The theme this year is water.  I am simply a member, and in general have no further professional goals in any formal way.

Some years are in the past now, and I am so grateful.   And I love the many ways I can be a part of creative work.

The home page for the Haiku Society of America links to a lot of good content.

* * *

The picture of the Zinnia Bouquet postcard is from Free Vintage Art.  I think this image is especially beautiful.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday notes

    1. Thank you for your good wishes.

      This is not a contest, though. Because I am a member one of my poems will be selected by the editor. Please link to the Haiku Society of America, if you wish more information.

      Blessings, Ellen

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      1. Oh, I see … well, it will be interesting to see which one is selected. It is lovely when a poem “writes” itself from deep inside of you. Cheers!


  1. Dear Ellen – good for you, your poetry will be appreciated. If there is judging to be submitted I wish you the best.


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