Poppies and Lake Michigan


The poppies are beginning to form their flower buds.


Lake Michigan is in a grey mood.  Beautiful too.

And some photos of poppies by Karl, from another year.

PoppiesPeonies 003
PoppiesPeonies 001
I am enjoying this practice of taking photos and looking back at our archives.  Thank you for all your encouragement – views, likes, comments.

One of my favorite paintings by Georgia O’Keeffe is of a red poppy.  When I first saw these flowers here, I thought, “They look just like her painting.”  Then I thought, “No, it’s the other way around!”

Blessings, Ellen

10 thoughts on “Poppies and Lake Michigan

  1. Laura’s right your poppies really are beautiful thank you for brightening my grey day by sharing them with.


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