Sometimes events happen that seem to be at a different time, than perhaps those of some of our friends at the same time.  My father died when I was 29, and my 40th birthday was in the hospital.  My parents were older and so the years of good caregiving arrived when I was younger.  Now I am 61 and so grateful for simple everyday life.  And my parents have stayed close, from Heaven.  The hard years gave me some of my poems.

I began this site in December 2009, and it now contains many chapters and stories.  The photos are a brand new journey.  I love the wildflowers that ask for so little.  The trees and hardy perennials.  Flowers that seem to grow from sand and rocks.  Not all are native to Wisconsin, but none take over either.  They each take their turn to bloom.

This post is also inspired by the WordPress challenge, Off-Season.

In a big-picture sense, all seems part of a bigger plan, that I can’t understand, yet trust more and more.  Grateful each day, and for the many ways I can keep growing.  Rest is also the great miracle for me.

And there is always someone who understands, though we may not know at the time.  Perhaps someone prayed.  Many examples occur to me, from the present day to authors from another century.  Libraries and bookstores are places that bless me!  And blogs . . .


Ellen Grace Olinger


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