Christmas chapbook, continued


Karl and I sent a gift copy of Quiet Christmas Poetry to the Decatur Haiku Collection, which is managed by Randy Brooks at Millikin University in Illinois.  It made me happy to see the book listed in their comprehensive bibliography.  And So My Soul (2001), my first chapbook, is also in this collection.

Quiet Christmas Poetry is listed on the books page at Time Of Singing.  All proceeds benefit this excellent print journal.  Lora Homan Zill, Editor, handles the sales, and we are grateful.

My goal this fall is to have more copies printed of the Christmas book, and then donate them to libraries and nursing homes in Wisconsin.  Karl’s cover photo of Lake Michigan in winter is a favorite of readers here too.  The book was a Christmas gift for our families last year, and I treasure the kind feedback we received.

My first book was published in 2001, and then the second in 2014.  As with the plants and flowers in our garden journal, the years vary and all is well.

Here again is Karl’s photo, which became the book cover.