waiting for the poems

Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin

I’ve been listening to quiet music and watching birds fly across the sky at sunrise.  Not migration, simply flying.  Some in a small group, some with another, some alone–but within sight of others.

solitude at sunrise
waiting for the poems
that arrive if I give
them this time

let them be themselves

sometimes alone

with a friend

a group

this balance
we all try for

The images are courtesy of Dover Publications:  From Owen Jones’ Chinese Ornament.

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5 thoughts on “waiting for the poems

  1. Lovely, Ellen Grace.

    I hope your summer has gone well so far.

    p.s. I am following your blog, but your new posts are not showing up in my Inbox. Is there something else I need to do?


    1. Dear Cynthia, Thank you. With the new WordPress reader – which is very nice – I changed my settings for how much of a post is shared in emails etc. Today though, I changed my setting back to “Full Text” so the whole post should appear in emails again.

      This also gives me a back-up copy in my email files. So many ways to approach blogging – every day is new!

      I enjoyed your memoir and we have a lot in common – the ways life can grow, change, new challenges.

      Blessings, Ellen

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