Blessings In Return

Joni Mitchell’s art comforted me many times over the years.  I may have been in junior high when I first heard her voice.  In the mid-1990s, I also began listening to Amy Shreve.  They both need prayers now, for their health.  My turn to bless.

Joni Mitchell’s official website may be viewed here.

Amy Shreve’s official site may be viewed here.

Poetry found me through the Psalms and liturgy of the Lutheran church, then through contemporary music and writers, on to small press poetry journals, and especially haiku and other short forms of poetry.  I could never reread or listen to all the art on our shelves, which recalls a poem from my archives.

books and music
from over the years
live on these shelves

even if I don’t
reread or listen again

somehow their
healing influence
is in these words

Ellen Grace Olinger

4 thoughts on “Blessings In Return

  1. It’s certainly true that books from our past can bless just with their presence — tangible reminders of other times, other places. It’s yet another thing that differentiates books from the Kindle!


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