flowers and poems


Gathering of flowers, evergreens, and poems

family tablecloths
passed on to me
they look like
the art I select
for my blogs

Photo is by Karl (2014).  The pitcher and plate are family gifts, and the placemat is from Bethesda Thrift Store in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

warmth and textures
of colorful handmade
afghans and blankets
from Bethesda

I wonder about the people
who made them
stitch-by-stitch . . .
and why they let them go

perhaps a move from
one home to another
and/or a ministry of love
like prayer shawls

a passing to another Place
perhaps . . .

knowing their art
will warm another
and needing no credit

imagine buying such a gift
for a few dollars
and on sale too

anniversary-2xEllen Grace Olinger
December 20, 2015

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