Photo Challenge: H2O


Lake Michigan – an early Spring photo by Karl


I took this photo of the seawall.

Mar-24-2011 016

This is another interesting photo by Karl, after an early Spring storm.

I am wondering how some of my photos may look in a journal with black and white photography.

Ellen Grace Olinger


13 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: H2O

  1. i like the black and whites as well. the ice cascade is strong. and the other two work as well. black and white can be really strong in ways that are different than color (as i see it).

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      1. aloha Ellen. i would be glad to help you get started creating your haiga. i think it would be easier through email if that would be okay with you. if this is okay, send me an email and we can go from there. we can also work on it here if you prefer.


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