memories – 2

longer still
since my father’s
passing when I was

his parents came
here from Sweden
a long time ago

we called them
Nanna and Poppa Ernie

many conversations
we never could have
yet he too is with me


for Harold A. Borgh (1915 – 1983)

7 thoughts on “memories – 2

  1. Our daughter graduated from Bethany College, Little Sweden of America. When our grandchildren were born, I was thrilled to become Mor Mor, which is Mother’s Mother.
    A lovely post, Ellen.


    1. Dear Marylin, Thank you, and for sharing your memories as well. I did not know about “Little Sweden of America” and Mor Mor. I enjoy blogs from my grandparents’ part of the world, and can see how Wisconsin could be a new home. My mother’s parents were German and died before I was born. I think my art is from my mom’s mother, Grace. Blessings!


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