Quiet Christmas Poetry: Short Poems


Christmas CDs
playing with the volume low
in the fields
the beauty of harvested
corn in snow


Sunday morning
all the lovely voices
singing Silent Night


Northern sun
shines on frozen beach
still the days grow shorter
shadow of poinsettia
on the wall


wind freeing the snow
from evergreen branches

He giveth snow
like wool:
he scattereth the hoarfrost
like ashes.

Psalm 147: 16 (KJV)


placing the new calendar
on the wall
all the new spaces
without words
God’s time


The poems may all be read online at our Quiet Christmas Poetry site.

There is information about the large print book version, and I reprinted a short review by Lora Homan Zill, from Time Of Singing (Fall, 2015).

Lake Michigan - photo by Karl
Lake Michigan – cover photo by Karl

Quiet Christmas Poetry
Elin Grace Publishing
Oostburg, Wisconsin
ISBN 978-0-9729848-5-0

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