The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Graceful

Graceful – perennials in Spring

Daffodils – Ellen Grace Olinger
Daffodils – photo by Karl

I also think of my mother, and her grace. Enola Borgh was born in January 1917, and her passing was in January 2004.  She had peonies in her yard.


16 thoughts on “The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Graceful

    1. Dear Cynthia, We live in Wisconsin, in the Midwest USA. Our winters are long. For the photo challenges, I often enjoy sharing some of the best photos from our archives again. No flowers now – snowdrops will be the first to bloom in our yard. Thank you.

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        1. I’m working on a chapbook and so have been spending time reviewing my archives more. Karl took all the photos in the earlier years, and the daffodils in blue vase is a favorite of readers. Our house began as a cottage in the 1940s – that is the original wood restored in the photo. The daffodils were from a gift planter one year. I did not have the energy to plant the bulbs, but we placed them in a neighborhood compost pile in a woods – and they bloom every year. Thanks again!

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