Flowers are from Mentink’s Market Piggly Wiggly in Oostburg, Wisconsin.

Ellen Grace Olinger
January 22, 2017

7 thoughts on “Flowers

  1. aloha Ellen. i like your vase selection with these flowers. do you know if it is saltware or stoneware? i can’t quite tell in the photo. my first thought was saltware. i like the earthy feel it brings out in the blossoms and green.


      1. saltware is a particular way of high firing clay where salt is used to glaze the pot at high temperatures. it has to be done with plenty of ventilation so it’s usually done in kilns that are outdoors. it gives a particular sheen and is watertight when done correctly. it’s most often earthy tones but now i suspect it may be being explored in more ways than when i was doing it years ago. it’s an older method of glaze firing. England is particularly well known for it.

        i like seeing the vase chosen to go with flowers. the flowers set off the vase just as the vase can set off the flowers.

        this vase appears to work really well with these flowers. very cool.


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