November sky

November sky
tree branches
and the moon

Ellen Grace Olinger

We also enjoy the country roads.


Monet – courtesy of wpclipart

10 thoughts on “November sky

      1. Dear Ellen,

        You might be interested in this new book:

        Ekphrasis Between Image and Word
        Paintings by Maria Pierides. Haiku responses by Stella Pierides
        Fruit Dove Press 2017 with an Afterword by Alan Summers


        from the Afterword

        where memories meet
        and separate

        Stella Pierides’ response to the painting Spring walk, endless fields

        When we attempt ekphrastic forays, into the landscape of painting, haiku could be seen as two brushstrokes frozen in mid-air. Or, using another analogy, while attempting to capture the energy of painting, it’s not unlike the techniques made famous in The Matrix movie; freeze frames that an actor moves around, at will, while everyone and everything else is an individual ‘still life,’ or an intimate and suspended panorama. – Alan Summers, co-founder, Call of the Page

        And my feature on ekphrasis:

        warm regards,



        1. Dear Alan, Thank you. I bought Of This World by Stella Pierides this year, from Red Moon Press. The cover painting is by Maria Pierides. The new book you mention must be beautiful, and thank you for sharing your work.

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  1. aloha Ellen. very cool on your November sky haiku. this panting is a long time favorite. it fascinates me how with so much yellow in it, it still has the chilly feel of winter, even tho i understand why. very fun. aloha r.


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