Friday afternoon

I listen to quiet music and read some poems aloud by different poets. Many voices and ways to write.

Sometimes I like to hear all the words, even as thoughts of the poets are sometimes too complex for me now.

My love of language is at least in part a gift from my mother. This week is fifteen years since she was called Home. She stayed as long as she could. My thoughts are peaceful now. My mother was with us when we first saw our home, which we had to rebuild from the inside out.

The sky is so blue and the light falls upon evergreen branches with snow. Then the sky is another shade of blue. All the change within the simple routines of my days. So time does go by. And some moments seem eternal.

Reading is a good way to improve our writing skills. With the short forms, every word is so important. Reading a lot, perhaps new words and old words will be more available to me as I write.

The beautiful CD I am listening to is Allure of Sanctuary (2005), by Karen Marie Garrett.